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ioanna kalypso glypti

I am

A gestalt Therapist, a counsellor to walk with you, as you make your way on the inspiring journey to reach your best potential.

One day at a time.

What does it mean? How am I a Greek? I am not just a citizen of Athens !! Or of Greece … (Socrates stated that he was a citizen of the world not just Athens) I am an Alexandrian Greek, brought up in Eastern and Central Africa. I matured in Greece and live in Crete most of the time. I am a female primate of the Mediterranean. I am Greek Hellenic. Speak Greek and studied In Greece also English obviously and Greek sign Language. As a child in Athens, my parents would take me at the weekends to the Kerameikos, back in time to the famed cemetery where Socrates was buried. As they had coffee, I would look at shards of pottery and the remnants of sculpture — in ancient Athens, but living under a 20th-century military dictatorship. The contrasts seemed to have worked their way into my subconsciousness … without me knowing, of course!

Now, I aim to be a human being that does to others what I wish they do to me. ‘Do-as-you-would-be-done-by’ …

We are humans: all of us citizens of this world.

I combine the Gestalt therapy with the Socratic, Platonic and Ancinent Greek wisdom in my counselling.


The re-discovery and growth of your self

I have been working for over 30 years with people from very many countries and walks of life, my experience all these years with all these people some of which shaped the political or social geostrategic aspect of the world we live in today in combination with my travels to Asia, Africa, India apart from the Western world taught me the significance that clear healthy boundaries and clarity with one’s self are needed for a healthy life and mindset.

I wish to communicate a way to voice the inner thread to ourselves and be able to grow and upgrade oneself.

Ioanna Kalypso Glypti – Applied Psychologist

We are by nature governed as beings by fear or love, these two very different forces in our life can either hinder us or help us grow. In order though to grow to expand to ultimately be happy healthy prosperous we must learn to let go of either limiting beliefs or trauma that has hold of us and to choose to be in the now and free of all that limits us from our true potentials and dreams.

The self, as well as the power of the mind or words have is something that was first understood by the ancient Greeks, their wisdom is still what we fall back on today in philosophy, medicine and all anthropocentric-humanitarian sciences.

For many in this field it is a rediscovery !

All these words, the thoughts the ideas the notions, but it is neither their language or the core of who they are it is a profession an exercise to exceed in.

Existing in self love, self respect , in safety, acceptance, growth and success is not an exercise that one masters  superficially!

There is a great difference between the price of things and the value of things. Some things are priceless and that is our own understanding of ourselves,as we heal grow, love and step out into the light free every single infinite precious molecule of ourselves.

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