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  • Education is not our degrees, but our aesthetics. The way we talk, flirt, walk down the street, hold the door for the stranger to go through the elevator.
  • Education is our words, our discretion, our freedom, the limits of our freedom, the music we listen to, our body language, how much we love to learn, to change, to read as if we were always unwritten papers.
  • Education is humility but also persistence in our values, that we are not for sale, that we respect the person, the other child, the lady who cleans our office, the gentleman who cleans the park where we walk the dog, the girl at the post office.
  • Education is our magnanimity, to water an unknown flowerpot, to take care of the back of our house.
  • Education is to protect our weak hands, to put them with the beast.
  • Education is how much we can stand against the system and the systemic, education is bravery and responsibility.
  • Education is to choose the difficult path of dignity, loneliness and at the same time to burn within yourself for the common good. For its beauty and salvation.

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