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Of Life and Language

First of all, life and language are inextricably linked. It is therefore natural for language to follow the ripples of life and vice versa and, as the matrix of speech, to speak for all of them. However, it is particularly the interest on the relationship between psyche and language –

Language is our spiritual essence. We connect with it, we walk with it. Throughout our evolutionary journey, whatever happens at the level of language happens simultaneously at the level of the psyche. Language and existence are two connected vowels. Language is therefore not only a code of communication, but more a field of creative action and self-consciousness, a confrontation of consciousness with its darknesses and its light. Through language we are offered the possibility to operate with a thoughtful feeling, to shake up socially established meanings and invent new ones, capable of reorienting consciousness and culture, to live as poet-creators

Today, it is true that civilization has reached a crest. Above it stretches the sky and below it the Charonian chasms. It is a matter of choice which way to go. We are experiencing the onslaught of power in its most degenerate aspects, the omnipotence of the market, of technology, of image, of shynessl… In this climate, they want you wide, broad and upright. Standing. Without any crack
Fatal sensitivity seems exiled. Synonymous with weakness. And it’s being beaten with the ruler of an inhuman tongue. Those tender little hands that with their toil and labor wrote the poem. For it is the memory of their hollow atrociousness. But sensitivity is strength. Power to manufacture. In this extraction, in this cataclysmic display of power and devotion, in the deafening noise of chatter, silence also thrives. The silence of others, of the few. Basking heartily on its edge. In its “shadowy corner”. The silence that gives birth to the most eloquent, the most unexpected poem.”when the words in the state are laden with brutality and lies, nothing speaks louder than an unwritten poem.”

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